Project Organizer: Ketevan Chitashvili ’10
Event Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
$205 in FLEX Alumni GYSD Matching Grant Funding
$735 cost share from the Center for Crime Prevention under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia

ketevan-chitashvili---20160422The project ‘Healthy Girls, Healthy Future’ organized by Ketevan Chitashvili ’10 took place at the Center for Crime Prevention in Tbilisi on April 22-24. It brought together 20 teenage girls (aged 15-19) from disadvantaged families with an aim to teach them about reproductive health and the principles of healthy living. The project partner was the Center for Crime Prevention under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia which provided the venue, technical materials and logistical support for free.

Ketevan Chitashvili - 13115765_1158614254172207_855953743_nDuring the training the participants received information about various components of healthy living, such as nutrition, hygiene, and fitness. Volunteer trainers from GYDEA Peer Educators and a dental clinic gave presentations on the topics of well-balanced diet, dental hygiene, and reproductive health. Moreover, a fitness instructor from FitCurves Georgia gave a workshop on how to start and keep up an exercise routine. At the end of the project the participants were awarded with certificates of participation.

Ketevan Chitashvili - 13082015_1158610994172533_658586509_n‘The girls enjoyed all the topics, but the fitness training received the highest score during evaluation. In general the girls bonded with each other really well and we are now planning to organize a follow-up event – a movie night with a discussion afterwards,’ says Ketevan.

The project was covered on the center’s website and in local media.