Send your story in a Word document to along with your photos, name, home country, and alumni year.    We look for stories that: 
  • Reflect on your FLEX program; for example, memories with your host family, new activities you tried, challenges you overcame, lessons you learned, a favorite teacher or class, or volunteering activities in which you participated 
  • Demonstrate how your FLEX experience impacted your academic path, career, community engagement, perspectives, or other areas of life 
All stories must: 
  1. Be in English 
  2. Include details about the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How
  3. Be 500-700 words, with an introduction or “hook”, body, and conclusion 
  4. Be a thoughtful personal narrative (written in the first person, using “I”, “we”, “me”, etc.) – try to make it engaging!
  5. Attach 2-3 high quality photos with at least one in horizontal (landscape) orientation; note that images may also be posted on social media, and please make sure you have permission from anyone pictured before sharing
  6. Include a byline that lists your first and last name, alumni year, home city and country, host city and state, and placement organization, as in the following example: By Flexita Flexova ’19 (Flexiplace, Moldova, placed by American Councils in Flexington, PA) 
Our editors will review your story for potential publication according to their discretion.