tural_photo_3Tural Garibov ’01
Baku, Azerbaijan
U.S. City and State: Pensacola, FL
Email address: turalfx8 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Education (university, degrees, major, and area of specialization): In 2007 I graduated from Baku State University with Masters in Theory of Economy. I’m also an alumnus of Global Village for Future Leaders in Business and Industry program managed by Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University and several programs for executives held by professors of Mays Business School from Texas A&M University.

Current place of employment: I work as a sales executive for a global service company in oil and gas, since 2008, in a number of locations within Eurasia, Middle East and North Africa. My most recent assignment includes sales and operations in Qatar and Jordan.

Highlights of your current work: A sales job becomes challenging when you are in an industry that requires large investments under high risks as is oil and gas exploration and production. Another challenge is associated with increasing complexity of the environment which oil and gas resources are extracted from. Continuous development of technologies is this industry’s demand and ability to respond to this with a proven track record is a game changer for any vendor. My job is to ensure that my customers have access to software which is apt to help them solve current and future challenges. In 2012, I’ve been selected for President’s Club award for achievements in Eurasia.

How do you feel about the future of Azerbaijan: its economic, social and political development? Today, as a society we live wealthier in terms of access to goods and services than a decade ago, when we just proclaimed our sovereign state. In between lays a pathway of sustainability which we need to tie to our competitive skills. One can see a number of large and locally owned businesses in Azerbaijan that produce various goods and services and these are good signs. The way these businesses will develop will simultaneously affect the development of Azerbaijan.

The local societal issue of greatest concern to you and why: As a young father my thoughts are tied to my family, and first thoughts are related to education of my children. I have big hopes with the new Minister of Education of Azerbaijan to introduce advancements in our educational system.

The FLEX Program is important because: It allows students to absorb new trends during their exchange year at a greater pace than in compare with other ages.

The most important skill I gained from my U.S. experience: Are independence and some immunity to culture shocks.

A volunteer/community service activity in which I take part: Is a housing project for low income families in Pensacola, FL during my exchange year in US.

Right now I’m reading: Free by Chris Anderson and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

My favorite place in the U.S. is: NYC

What I miss most about the U.S.: Is an open-minded society devoted to a personal individuality.

What I’d like to say to fellow FLEX alumni: Congratulations on being a FLEX alumnus! It’s a great honor