Sona Karapetyan ‘05
Kapan, Armenia/Colorado Springs, CO
sona [dot] richardson [at] gmail [dot] com
Pavillion of Fluttering Butterflies, 48 Poems
Inspired by the birth of her baby girl, this book of poems reflects the transformation and the revaluation of the author’s worldview, her thoughts and emotions as a daughter, student, wife, mother and a player of various social roles. On a larger scale, the poems outline the model Armenian woman in her inner world, suggesting a closer look for a deeper understanding. The inspiration came right after my daughter’s birth in 2010.  The collection is divided to thematic sections, that reflect the stages a woman passes as she grows. The book’s cover photo is her daughter’s photo.


When you smashed that mirror to infinitesimal pieces
Were you sure you had looked deep into it?
Did you see some ONE with a burning gaze
When you raised a hand to be over with.
With a wick of wand, called a second chance,
I urge you to grasp a crucial detail;
Arm yourself with sight of an inner eye,
Then for braveness’ sake a lungful inhale.
Patience may be just for one who abides
To testing a feat of self-righteousness,
As uncovering the obvious within
You may find yourself a skeletal set.
Yet the promise glows, pending unscathed,
Discreetly striving to coronate you
If beyond yourself you find reflected
Innumerable gems in holy dew.
You will know then how looking back from glass
The million faces, all with broken smiles,
Hold responsible you- for whom they saved
The brightened up look in this mirror set.