Alina Ciguljin ’15
Project Location: Rozaje,Montenegro
$ 138 in Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Grant Funding

2On February 9 and 11 Almina Ciguljin ’15 organized a two-day workshop on the topic of sustainable development and project management for 20 students in her high school in Rozaje, Montenegro. A representative from the MonteCEP (Center for Urban Development Planning) provided logistical support to the event.

The EEFA Workshop’s interactive games inspired the FLEX alumna to present the topics in a fun and engaging way. During the events the students discussed the principles of environmental protection, identified their future goals and came up with ideas for projects in their community. 1

The workshops motivated the participants to implement some initiatives together with their classmates and made them more aware of various environmental issues.

‘After the event many participants decided to participate in a local sustainable development competition that was held this year. And prior to the workshop most students had never even heard of the concept of sustainability. It’s very inspiring,’ says Almina.