Milena Markovic ’15
Project Location: Cetinje, Montenegro
$ 45 in Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Program Funding

1On March 11  Milena Markovic ’15 founded a discussion club for middle school students at the American Reading Room in Cetinje, Montenegro. The venue for the club which gathers about 25 students every Friday is provided for free.

The initiative was promoted through posters and on Facebook. The FLEX alumna invited her high school friends to the club’s opening. She has since been organizing weekly club meetings covering a wide range of topics, such as movies, hobbies, traveling and prejudices.


Rather than sticking to a specific topic Milena encourages the participants to freely express their opinions in an open space.

She highlights that the EEFA Workshop has given her a new perspective on teaching and activity organizing. ‘Initially the main idea of the club was to give students an opportunity to improve their English. But as the project developed I started noticing other positive changes. The participants have stopped interrupting each other and are generally more respectful of each other’s opinions,’ she says.