Katarina Marnikovic ’15
Project Location: Ulcinj, Montenegro
$ 102 in Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Report

Montenegro Marnikovic Katarina

On 29 March Katarina Marnikovic ’15 implemented a sustainability workshop for 15 students in ‘Bratstvo Jedinstvo’ high school in Ulcinj, Montenegro.

‘Sustainable development is an extremely important topic but only a small percentage of students in Ulcinj have heard about it. I myself learnt about it during the EEFA Workshop and decided to share my knowledge with others,’ says Katarina.

Montenegro Marnikovic Katarina Activity 1During the workshop the participants were introduced to the concept of sustainable development and presented their visions of everyday life in 2050.

The FLEX alumna believes that the workshop made the participants interested in the topic and hopes that the local community of 10,000 people will benefit from it.