Project Organizer: Data Gogia ’11
Event Location: IDP settlement Tserovani, Georgia
$ 160 in FLEX Alumni Grant Funding
$ 160 cost share from: head of International Department at the University of Georgia Mariam Meladze, FLEX alumni, ‘Hello Cafe’

data-gogia---img_0925On 16 April Data Gogia ’11, Anuka Chonivshvili ’12 and Anjela Pakhlajan ’10 traveled to Tserovani, an IDP settlement near Tbilisi, where they conducted a career workshop titled ‘Career Academy’ for the local youth. ‘Hello Cafe’ in Tserovani hosted the event for free.

The presentations which highlighted the importance of social activism and volunteering were attended by 12 high-school students who came from Tserovani and Galavani IDP settlements. In the course of the workshop the participants discussed their career choices and met successful professionals, including FLEX alumni, who talked about their personal experiences and career development. data-gogia---img_0949To measure the progress the students’ knowledge on the discussed topics was assessed before and after the project.

‘Breaking the ice was tricky at the beginning, but once we got to know each other the atmosphere became much more relaxed and friendly,’ says Data. The participants noted that the workshop helped them to identify their career goals and ways to achieve them.