Project Organizer: Nana Chigoga ’14
Event Location: Akhaltiskhe, Georgia
$100 in FLEX Alumni GYSD Matching Grant Funding
$100 cost share from: Democrat Meskhs Head Office 

nana-chigoga---img_3640On April 27, Nana Chigoga ’14 together with two FLEX alumni Data Gogia ’11 and Anuka Chonishvili ’12 conducted a healthy living and first aid training for 20 students in Akhaltiskhe. The goal of the project, which took place at the Democrat Meskhs Head Office, was to introduce the participants to the principles of healthy living, such as well-balanced diet and regular physical exercise.

nana-chigoga---img_3645‘The fast food industry is booming in Georgia and people are getting more and more busy and stressed out. As a result they start neglecting physical exercise and prefer fast food snacking to healthy meals. One of the biggest steps in solving this problem is teaching teenagers how to live healthily,’ says Nana.

During the project the FLEX alumni taught students the basics of first aid, discussed nutrition, and different ways of balancing tasks and dealing with stress. Nana plans to set up a health club in her school and continue promoting healthy living among students of Akhaltiskhe.

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