Project organizer: Shushanna Arakelyan ’15
Event location: Arbat, Armenia
$312 FLEX Alumni GYSD Matching Grant Funding
$400 cost share from local teachers and the school principal, village mayor, community members

Shushanna Arakelyan - 13064021_524819197725464_770105323_oIn April  Shushanna Arakelyan ’15 implemented the project ‘Clean and Green’ dedicated to the importance of environmental protection for young people in Arbat. On April 16, an educational training was conducted in a local school. During the training students and teachers discussed different ways to reduce pollution and improve the environment on a local level. This was followed with a green action on April 21 that brought together 60 young and motivated people. As a result, 40 trees were planted in the school’s front yard and the village park and the public areas were cleaned. The village mayor provided benches while the school principal, teachers, and other community members contributed flower plants and tools for the project.

Shushanna Arakelyan - 13073097_564560443704952_546413221_o‘I wanted to show students that they were in charge of protecting the nature around them. This responsibility made them eager to contribute to the change and I was happy to see how enthusiastic they became about the environmental issues,’ says Shushanna.

Local students are now taking care of the planted trees and plan a to organize a flower planting event in autumn.