Project Organizers: Elmira Ayvazyan ‘15, Eduard Hovhannisyan ‘15, Mari Sevoyan ‘14 and Nane Vardanyan’14
Project Title: Opportunities to Regions
Project Location: Jermuk, Vajq and Charentsavan, Armenia
$705 in South Caucasus FLEX-Ability Grants

received_1007463035976574On December 22-24, a team of four alumni participants of the South Caucasus FLEX-Ability Workshop teamed up to organize a career and language training for over 90 high school and university students.

The focus of the training was to provide additional educational and professional opportunities to students from different regions of Armenia. According to the FLEX alumni, young people that live and study outside of the capital, often lack the same opportunities as their peers in Yerevan and, as a result, have less motivation to succeed. ‘Students were inspired by the fact that the presentations were conducted by their peers. It made them realize that they too have the chance to become successful,’ shared the organizers.

Edward Hovhannisyan - Eduard Hovhannisyan (2)Each FLEX alumnus was responsible for a different aspect of the training. Elmira and Mari developed English language skills and gave tips on how to take international language tests;  Nane explained how to make use of professional social networks, such as LinkedIn; while Eduard conducted a session on resume writing and interview techniques. Participants learned how to prepare for an interview, what information to highlight in a resume, and how to be a pro-active employee.

To give students a chance to discuss the topics that particularly interested them, each presentation was followed by a Q&A session. The training was also attended by high school teachers who were encouraged to share the trainings with their other students.

received_1007463029309908FLEX alumni believe that the FLEX-Ability workshop gave them knowledge and skills needed to implement the project. ‘The FLEX-Ability Workshop was a big inspiration for me and I wanted to pass it on to other young people,’ says Eduard. ‘We wanted to encourage students to start dreaming big and give them skills to make those dreams come true,’ adds Elmira.

The FLEX alumni are still in touch with the participants  from the Jermuk and Vajq High Schools and the  American Corner in Charentsavan.  As a follow up to the project, alumni are providing career and university enrolment advice and encouragement to the students.