Tatia Rtveladze ’14 (Gori, Georgia)
Event Location: Gori
$250 FLEX Alumni Grant Funding
$295 cost share from: FLEX alumni and local residents


IMG_1857During the week of April 17-25 Tatia Rtveladze ’14 and Nino Lobzhanidze ’14 celebrated GYSD by promoting the value of community work.  Together with 14 volunteers they set out to clean and paint stairwells in four apartment block buildings in their neighborhood. By doing that the FLEX alumni wanted not only to make communal spaces more hygienic but also encourage similar grassroots initiatives in their area. Tatia Rtveladze believes that a lot can be achieved if neighbors support each other and work IMG_1836on the community issues as a team.  Bringing people of different generations together also creates a necessary exchange of skills and experience. Besides, it is lots of fun getting to know other community members!

During the first day volunteers cleared up designated staircases and got them ready for painting.  Since the buildings had not been renovated for a long time, it took a couple of days to finish the cleaning process. Once the stairs were repainted, the atmosphere in the apartment block buildings changed drastically with bright fresh walls cheering 90 local residents every time they come home.