Samuel Boor ’20 (Vrbove, Slovakia / La Crosse, WI) 

The 2020 alumni all experienced a different return from the U.S. than other generations. What united us all was that we returned as the COVID-19 pandemic began and social distancing measures were put in place. That also affected our re-adaptation back in our home country, as our chances to meet friends were very limited, and we had to go into quarantine upon our return. 

I spent my quarantine with my brother, since we both just came home from being abroad. It was a great way to prepare to meet all my friends again. I had initially planned to visit many music festivals during the summer, but many of them were canceled due to social distancing.  

However, together with my friends, we found ways to meet safely. For example, we went fishing and cycling together. Thanks to my friends, re-adaptation was relatively easy for me, and I got used to life back in Slovakia very quickly. It was almost like I never left. Everyone loved hearing about my experiences in the U.S. and was curious about how I was doing.  

Going back to school was quite simple for me. My classmates immediately accepted me back. Though it was more complicated to get used to the Slovak school system, over time I got used to it as well. What was readjustment like for you?