Lyubov Lakomova ‘06 (Mary, Turkmenistan/ Palestine, TX) organized an intensive professional development workshop entitled “The Value of Networking” for 43 American Corner visitors in Mary, Turkmenistan in October. Being a true believer in the value of networking, Lyubov wanted to share her acquired knowledge with Turkmen high school students.

During the workshop, the alumna introduced participants to communication etiquette, taught participants how to build contacts and maintain them, and initiated discussions on the importance of networking in a globalized world. She also provided tips on effective networking that varied from building contacts to accepting cultural differences.

Following this portion, Lyubov led practical sessions that aimed at equipping participants with professional skills for effective networking, such as composing a 30 second pitch. The alumna provided professional feedback to all participants.

The workshop participants found the workshop very useful, sharing that it helped them to improve their self-esteem and build confidence. One participant noted:  “The workshop was beneficial for me because I was able to apply gained knowledge right after I left the room. We had a guest speaker visiting the American Corner on the same week and I was able to start a conversation with him with confidence.” As a result, Turkmen high school students received an in-depth understanding of networking and its value in everyday life.

Written by Diana Muhammedova ’08