Violeta Milanovic ’15
Project Location: Pozega, Uzice and Kosjeric, Serbia
$ 250 in Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Grant Funding

Violeta Milanovic '15, presentation about Human RightsFrom January to March Violeta Milanovic ’15 gave five presentations on the topic of human rights in Pozega, Uzice and Kosjeric, Serbia. The Youth Clubs of Pozega and Uzice and an educational center ‘Inkubator’ in Kosjeric provided the venues for the presentations for free.

The events attracted 75 students from local middle and high schools and colleges. During the presentations the alumna explained the meaning and importance of human rights and highlighted current human rights’ issues.

5 FLEX alumni, listening to Violeta Milanovic's '15 presentation about Human Rights

After the group discussions the participants and the organizers had lunch, thus continuing the conversation about human rights informally.

To raise awareness about human rights, a few participants made follow-up presentations in their schools. ‘Human rights are not just words on paper – noone’s human rights should be neglected. The presentations motivated students to learn more on the topic and helped them to develop their own project ideas,’ says Violeta.