Project Organizer: Petar Dordevic ’12
Event Location: Leskovac, Serbia
$ 71 in FLEX Alumni Grant Funding
$ 80 cost share from: FLEX alumni, two Leskovac high schools

Petar Dordevic - Con team preparing their argumentsFrom 15 to 30 April Petar Dordevic ’12 and Maja Stanojkovic ’12 held three debates in the Medical school and a local high school of Leskovac. The goal of the project was to develop students’ debating and critical thinking skills and engage them in learning about health issues.

In total 30 high school students took part in the debates on the topic of vaccination.  To give every participant a chance to speak a number of times, all the debates were held in small groups.

Petar Dordevic - Pro team giving their finishing statement‘After we showed the students how debating works, we let them organize their work independently. They really enjoyed themselves and promised to start debate clubs in their schools,’ says Petar.

Due to the fact that many other students expressed interest to participate in the events, the FLEX alumni plan to continue with the project in May and June.