Project Organizer: Marko Vignjević ’14
Event Location: Pancevo, Serbia
$ 133 in FLEX Alumni Grant Funding
$ 500 cost share from: Mara Mandic school for children with disabilities, FLEX alumni

Marko Vignjevic - Children enjoying their dancing video gameOn April 21 Marko Vignjević ’14 teamed up with eight FLEX alumni to conduct an activity day for 40 children with disabilities. The project titled ‘Let’s Have Fun’ took place at Mara Mandic school in Pancevo, Serbia.

Marko Vignjevic - Marko Vignjevic ('14) playing basketball with childrenThe idea of this visit came after a charity concert which was organized by the FLEX Alumni of Serbia in December 2015. ‘That time we raised 65 dollars and spent the money on the New Year’s presents for the Mara Mandic students. The school was grateful for our support and asked us to prepare an activity day for their students,’ says Marko.

The FLEX alumni led drawing and colouring sessions, sports events and interactive games. Both the participants and organizers really enjoyed the experience and are planning to stay in touch.

‘We have mutually decided to organize similar projects again soon. It was very motivating for everyone,’ notes the FLEX alumnus.