Project Organizer: Jelena Stošić ’15
Event Location: Vranje, Serbia
$ 43 in FLEX Alumni Grant Funding
$ cost share from: American Corner in Vranje

jelena-sto--i-----flex-alumni- (1)On April 22 Jelena Stošić ’15 together with Marija Stojanovic ’15 implemented a workshop titled ‘Honor Code’ which was dedicated to rules and ethical principles in U.S. and Serbian schools.

‘Students were surprised to find out in how much trouble they would get for cheating in a U.S. school. During the workshop they also learnt how the U.S. school system works and why some things are considered ethically wrong,’ says Jelena.

jelena-sto--i-----flex-alumni-The participants then had to identify the main issues in their schools, come up with possible solutions and present their findings to the group in a drawing. The best works were chosen by the students themselves and the winning team received candy.

The other topics discussed during the workshop were recognizing and fighting corruption and solving environmental issues. Since the workshop took place on International Earth Day, the students also wrote acrostic poems dedicated to the environmental protection.