Project Organizer: Strahinja Trujkic ’15
Event Location: Negotin, Serbia
$ 366 in FLEX Alumni Grant Funding
$ 699 cost share from: Gymnastics club ‘Hajduk Veljko’, Youth Office at Negotin Municipality, ‘Bio-Spajz’ and ‘Radost’ shops, electromechanics service ‘EV’, middle school ‘Vuk Karadzic’

strahinja-trujkic---youth-learOn April 15 and 25 Strahinja Trujkic ’15 implemented a street festival of healthy living called ‘Health is Practised’ in his hometown Negotin, Serbia. The project which reached approximately 5000 residents was made possible through the generous assistance of its partners, gymnastics club ‘Hajduk Veljko’, Youth Office at Negotin Municipality, ‘Bio-Spajz’ and ‘Radost’ shops, electromechanics service ‘EV’ and a middle school ‘Vuk Karadzic’.

‘Through this initiative I wanted to help my community understand the importance of healthy living and nutrition. I believe that if people are healthy, they are more motivated to achieve progress in their communities,’ says Strahinja.

strahinja-trujkic---group-exerOn the first day of the project an open space was created in front of the city municipality where the town residents could attend fitness classes, healthy living workshops and compete in sport competitions. The most active participants were rewarded with healthy food packs which contained cereal bars, fruit and juices. The second day of the event which took place in an indoor gym ‘Hajduk Veljko’ was dedicated to discovering different ways of exercising.

‘The gym staff explained how to exercise with the right equipment and mindset. All the sessions were open to everyone whether they just wanted to drop in or attend everything,’ says the FLEX alumnus. ‘I’m very proud of what the project has achieved. It wouldn’t have been possible without all the great support from local people’.

‘Health is Practised’ attracted a lot of media attention. Reports about it were broadcast on TV and published in local newspapers.