Project Organizer: Bojana Pejkovic ’15
Event Location: Uzice, Serbia
$ 50 in FLEX Alumni Grant Funding
$ cost share from: elementary school Nada Matic

bojana-pejkovic---flex-alumni- (1)‘I grew up hearing English everywhere. My favourite cartoons were in English and I loved listening to English language songs. This knowledge made it possible for me to become an exchange student and this spring I wanted to repay to the FLEX program by teaching English to primary school students,’ says Bojana Pejkovic ’15.

From April 1 she has been teaching English to 18 students from her elementary school Nada Matic twice a week. To make children enthusiastic about the learning process she organizes a lot of fun activities during her classes, such as story telling, birthday cards’ making, dancing and cartoon watching.

bojana-pejkovic---flex-alumni-One of the highlights of her GYSD project was an Easter egg hunt in a local park. The alumna started this event by explaining Easter traditions in different countries and the history behind egg hunting. Afterwards the students looked for chocolate eggs and other candy hidden by the FLEX alumna around the park. The first two students who found chocolate eggs were awarded with pocket dictionaries.

‘This GYSD project has influenced my future goals. I enjoy teaching English so much that I’m now considering making it my career,’ says the FLEX alumna. ‘Some of my students come from disadvantaged families and this opportunity to start learning a foreign language means a lot to their families’.

Bojana will continue giving classes to her students until the end of the school year.