Project Organizer: Kanat Osmonov ’14
Event Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
$ 420 in FLEX Alumni Grant Funding
$ 425 cost share from: Bishkek city administration, FLEX alumni, volunteers
img_1474‘Over the last decades many trees were cut down in Bishkek. In general not much attention is dedicated to developing the city’s green infrastructure and so we’ve decided to tackle this issue,’ says Kanat Osmonov ’14. 
From April 1 until June 1 he implemented a wide-scale project called ‘Green City’ together with Elvira Dzhumasheva ’14 and Azatbek Ismailov ’14. The main project partner was the city administration which provided tree seedlings and shovels. The FLEX alumni attracted 70 volunteers by promoting the project on social media and in universities. 
img_1539The tree planting action took place in the Molodezhny Park on April 10 and approximately 2700 tree seedlings were planted on the day. The organizers believe that in the future the park will become one of the city’s greenest spots and will help reducing the level of air pollution in the area. Inspired by this environmental initiative the project volunteers will continue spreading the green message in their universities. 
‘A green environment is essential for our health and lives. Through this project we encouraged young people not to be indifferent to their own future,’ notes Kanat.