Aizada Burkhanidinova ‘14
Project Title: Little Stars Can Brighten Up the Dark Sky
Project Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
$351 in 2015 Central Asia FLEX-Ability Grants

Aizada Burkhanidinova - IMG_3096 - CopyOn September 8-29, Aizada Burkhanidinova ’14 implemented a three-week long project called ‘Little Stars Can Brighten Up the Dark Sky’ for 75 children at local kindergartens. Twice a week, together with a team of nine volunteers and three FLEX alumni, Aizada held classes on personal hygiene, healthy lifestyle and recycling for the children.

‘The title of the project is symbolic. It’s sad to see that on its path to progress, society often doesn’t pay sufficient attention to children’s upbringing,’ says Aizada.
Aizada and her team of volunteers introduced the life skills topics through educational cartoon-themed skits. Children also took part in sports activities and games.  At the end of the project Aizada held a closing ceremony followed by a dancing festival, during which parents and teachers joined their children and the organizers on the dance floor. ‘Everyone felt happy dancing together – this event really united the families and school staff,‘ remembers Aizada.

Aizada believes that her project will have a positive impact on local families and will encourage children to continue learning about the importance of healthy lifestyle and ecology.  This project was funded in party by a follow on grant from Aizada’s participation in the Central Asia FLEX-Ability Workshop.