Altynai Klimova ‘14 (Karakol, Kyrgyzstan/ Woodland Park, CO)
Event Location: Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
$185 FLEX Alumni Grant Funding
$190 cost share from: NGO ‘Leadership’, American Corner in Karakol

11880492_879281898775813_2423999214680417242_nAltynai Klimova and Kamila Botoeva’15 conducted a series of events aimed at sharing the values of volunteering and environmental protection with high-school students and children from three local orphanages. The project partner, NGO ‘Leadership’, provided training materials and office space.

The project started with the training on environmental issues conducted by the director of the youth NGO ‘Leadership’ for twelve high-school students. After the plenary session the participants worked on their project ideas and prepared a detailed plan for their upcoming visits to the local orphanages, ‘Kelechek’, ‘Raduga’ and ‘Karakol Orphanage House’.

11902588_881281868575816_1679321971124239966_nWhile at the orphanages students shared the information with children, which they had learnt at the training. In partnership with the American Corner in Karakol they organized a range of activities, including face painting, jewelry making workshops and a concert. Later ‘Leadership’ volunteers and students joined forces by conducting a clean-up in the central park ‘Pushkin’. Afterwards they discussed community service events that can be implemented in their city in the future.

As a result of the ‘Green Town’ project 12 high-school and 40 children from orphanages engaged with the topic of environmental protection. A number of students started volunteering at the ‘Leadership’ NGO and are now actively participating in its community projects.