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Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Program Description
FLEX-Ability:FLEX Alumni Bringing Ideas, Leadership, and Initiative To Youth!

American Councils for International Education announces the Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Workshop to be held in Chisinau, Moldova, November 12-15, 2015.  The workshop is designed to teach FLEX alumni from Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, and Ukraine project design and management skills.  Each participant will also have the opportunity to select a specialized theme in which he or she will gain additional knowledge and skill: English language instruction, anti-corruption and transparency, human rights, or sustainable development.  Alumni will leave the conference prepared to take on challenges that are impacting their communities.

Who can participate in the Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Workshop?
Fifteen FLEX alumni from each country will be selected by a team of American Councils and FLEX Alumni program staff based on the submitted application and proposed project ideas.

Eligibility criteria: All FLEX Alumni from Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, and Ukraine may apply. Preference will be given to those alumni who have not previously participated in a FLEX-Ability workshop, who have a specific interest in one of the workshop themes or subtopics, and who are prepared to hold a post-workshop community project utilizing the skills learned at the FLEX-Ability Workshop.

What are the Conference Costs?
Participation in the FLEX-Ability Conference is free for selected participants.  All costs including round-trip transportation and room and board will be covered by a combination of grants from U.S. Embassies from participating countries and funding through the FLEX Alumni program.  Participants may be asked to cover the cost of travel to and from their home to the capital city of their country.

What are the Requirements of Participation?
The FLEX-Ability Workshop will be held in a Training of Trainers (ToT) format. Participants will be required to share the knowledge learned at the workshop with peers in their home country and to hold two or more trainings on the content learned at the FLEX-Ability Workshop.  Failure to organize post-program trainings or events upon returning home will result in disqualification from future workshops and/or grant opportunities.

How can I apply?
Interested applicants must complete and submit the online application with all accompanying materials, including a picture for the workshop handbook, by September 27th, 2015 11:59 PM EST.  Late submissions will not be accepted!  Selected participants will be notified as quickly as possible after October 7, 2015.

For questions, contact Leyla Aslanova (laslanova@americancouncils.org) and Rebecca Strattan (rebecca@americancouncilssee.org).