1014310_204577679666141_527389608_nThe Human Library is an innovative method designed to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices and encourage understanding by having people from different backgrounds speak to and learn from one another.   On April 27, City Representative Maftuna Samandarova ’11 (Novosibirsk), with the help of the Youth Cultural Center of Kyibyshev and several experts held the Human Library project for over 100 community members.  A blind man, an immigrant, an HIV-infected person, an extrasensory individual, a writer, an Orthodox priest, a fighter of Special Forces, a yoga instructor spoke to the community members as the living books and shared their experiences and professions.  The project was funded by a Global Youth Service Day Grant. FLEX Belgorod City Representative Yeseniya Koshchavka ’10 organized a Human Library event on February 23 at the Upravleniya Molodezhnoy Politiki building.  The event included six local speakers, including the leader of the Belgorod youth community, a portrait painter, a torchbearer, an astronaut, and a young movie director.  Fifteen community members met with the human books and learned about their lives.