FLEX alumni are instrumental when it comes to FLEX program promotion and recruitment support.  Alumni are considered the best promoters of the program, having had a first-hand view of the value and impact of the program on their lives and the lives of their peers in terms of personal development, improved understanding of the U.S., its people, and U.S. values, and openness to new cultures and ideas.

FLEX Testing Support: In September and October, 516 alumni assisted American Councils staff with the first rounds of FLEX program testing in all FLEX countries where in-person testing is held; Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine. Their support included registering participants for testing; checking birth certificates, helping to complete the information on the Photo ID Cards, and answering questions that students and family members had about the FLEX program. Alumni also assisted with general crowd control, as some testing centers saw turn out nearing 1800 interested applicants!

FLEX Program Promotion: Throughout the quarter, 1,063 FLEX alumni across Eurasia engaged approximately 17,166 high school students in 401 presentations about the FLEX program. The majority of presentations were conducted in high schools, with additional venues including American Corners, youth centers, and education fairs. Through these presentations, alumni shared their U.S. experiences, explained the testing and application procedures, and answered questions from prospective participants, parents, and teachers. Alumni in Romania had the broadest reach, with ten alumni conducting 20 presentations for more than 2,810 students.

American Councils and the FLEX program sincerely thank all of the FLEX alumni who have assisted with program promotion and who have supported staff at the various testing rounds.