Kazakhstan North. Astana. Astana Charity Ball (2)On November 4, Nazarbayev University hosted the third annual Astana Ball organized with support from a FLEX Alumni Grant won by alumni from Kazakhstan Symbat Kismelyeva ’13 and Asel Uvaliyeva ‘12. The main performance of the event was a broad waltz with 24 pairs, carefully selected among hundreds of aspiring students and Astana youth.  Those chosen took part in two months of rehearsals lead by professional trainers to prefect their dancing and performing skills.  These were the debutantes of the Charity Ball.

Kazakhstan North. Astana. Charity lottery during Astana charity ballThe Astana Ball is twice the winner of ‘Brightest University-Wide Event of the Year’ nomination, attracting over 2000 guests and numerous partners, such as the Turandot Bolognese Restaurant that provided coffee and snacks and Beautylab Salon that sponsored the lottery gifts.

The lottery and entrance fee for the ball fund-raised money for the Bakhyt Society of People with Disabilities.  Due to the overwhelming success of the event and funds raised, organizers also were able to offer funds to the Red Crescent organization. These additional funds will be used to sponsor an English language school for children from low-income families.
Kazakhstan North. Astana. Graduation ceremony of children from families with needs
Organizers of the event are grateful to the FLEX Alumni Grant program for the support needed to hold such a wonderful event.  Alumni organizers advised other alumni, “not to hesitate and use such possibilities to bring plans and desires to life.” FLEX Alumni interested in applying for FLEX Alumni and or Global Youth Service Day grants can apply now at:  https://ais.americancouncils.org/flexalumni