IMG_7347FLEX alumni recently completed a project aimed to spark creativity in local students in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Alumni organized a four-week digital media boot camp, where the most talented students from the leading schools in the city were chosen to take part in trainings where they learned about 3D modeling and graphic design.  The camp was organized by Zhanna Tsoy ’11 who is currently in the final year of a Master’s Degree Program at Kazakh British Technical University.

The 25 ninth-eleventh grade students said that the camp was really memorable, with interesting and practical tasks.  In addition to the sessions, participants had the chance to meet local specialists in the field of 3D modeling and design.  All of the courses took place at the Kazakh British Technical University and students were given access to computers specifically designed for programmers.  To make the camp even more fun, Zhanna also organized teambuilding activities such as a trip to the Medeu Ice-Rink.


Alumni hope to continue holding trainings for young people interested in the field of programming and design.  “We are still receiving letters and messages from people of different ages who want to study at a Digital Media BootCamp. For now project is over, but we are already thinking about how we can make this a long-term project.  I can surely say that project was a success. I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge with younger generation”- Zhanna Tsoy’11.

SOUTHERN KAZAKHSTAN. ALMATY. Participants of Digital Media BootCamp learning the use of green screenThe Digital Media BootCamp received over 100 applications from students interested in learning more about digital art, 3D modeling, animation and graphic design.

Thanks to this project the FLEX Alumni program has opened talks for future collaboration with Maker Space Almaty, the American Corner, and the organization Love to Code.