AnnouncementWelcome Home, Alumni!

Dear FLEX Alumni Class of 2016,

It’s with great anticipation that your family, friends, and the FLEX Alumni community look forward to welcoming you back home in the coming months.  You are going to hear this message many times – the best part of the exchange is yet to come.  Becoming an active member of the FLEX Alumni community in your home country can be the most rewarding part of the exchange experience.

You have learned so much during your exchange year.  When you return home, you have the opportunity and support to share these new skills and knowledge with your community.  The FLEX Alumni program offers many opportunities for you to learn more and chances for you to meet up with your fellow alumni.  Read about many FLEX and A-SMYLE alumni opportunities here.

Stay tuned for:

  • Re-entry Seminar:  A chance for you to connect with alumni from your country to share your experiences, work together to overcome re-entry issues, and learn about alumni opportunities.
  • FLEX-Ability Workshops:  Regional workshops bring alumni together to learn new skills and to work collaboratively to combat regional issues.
  • Monthly Alumni Activities:  If you are new to a city or just in need of someone who can understand how a year abroad can change your world – the FLEX Alumni community is a wonderful option.  Keep in touch with the American Councils office and the Alumni Coordinator nearest to you to learn about upcoming events.

The FLEX Alumni program team encourages you to visit the FLEX Alumni Website often and to check in with what’s new on social media.

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A-SMYLE/FLEX Generation ’16 Welcome Video

videovideoNow, for what you’ve been waiting for…  letters from home.
Below are letter from the FLEX Alumni Coordinator(s) from your community.  Be in touch with them, they are amazing people.


Best regards,
The FLEX Alumni Program Team

FLEX Alumni Infographic