IMG_1741Alumni, working under the objectives of the World Food Day, organized projects on October 16-18, aimed to heighten awareness of the problem of hunger in the world and strengthen solidarity in the struggle against hunger.

On October 16, FLEX alumni launched a challenge to increase their awareness about the struggle that over one billion people in the world face daily.   With a budget of $1.25 or AMD500, the average daily income for one billion people in the world, alumni began the challenge to feed themselves on that amount of money.  The idea for this project originated in California two years ago when four students decided to go to rural Guatemala for 56 days to try living on exactly $56 each. “You do not feel how hard it is to live a day spending only AMD500 until you actually do it, and that is how much one billion people in the world live on.” said Shushan, a participant of the challenge.

IMG_1772Following this event, alumni initiated a food drive for homeless. Alumni promoted the food drive at their schools and places of work and collected received donations of food and clothing.  On October 18, four alumni took the collected items and donated it to the Hans Christian Cofoed shelter for the homeless. Alumni cooked a meal and served it to approximately 100 people and donated the clothing items to the shelter for distribution.  The project offered alumni a perspective on the needs of the community and practical ways to help combat the issue.