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Join us on Saturday, September 27th for


Dear FLEX community,

We invite you to celebrate FLEX Appreciation Day on September 27th through the annual Social Media Party. This is an opportunity to say  “Thank You!” to those who support the program and help make it a success – host families, placement organization staff, American high school teachers, members of the U.S. Department of State, alumni coordinators, city representatives, partner organizations, and recruiters.

It is an all-day long celebration on Saturday, September 27th.

Friends and members around the world are welcome to join through letters, postcards, e-mails, phone and Skype calls, social media, and alumni gatherings.

  • Send postcards to people in the U.S. to thank them for what they did to help you during your exchange year with FLEX. Click here to access Thank You FLEX e-card where you can type in your thank you message and email to friends, family, host family etc.


  • Hold a FLEX Skype night, and reconnect with other FLEX alumni and supporters of the program in the U.S. and abroad


  • Post a special collage of your FLEX year through social media on the day, using the hashtag #ThankYouFLEX and tagging FLEX supporters


  • Write thank-you notes to the English teachers, school directors, friends, relatives and senior FLEXers who encouraged you to apply for FLEX in the first place, or pay them a special visit


  • Wear your FLEX t-shirts to commemorate the day and share a photo!


  • Tagg Eurasia FLEX Facebook and @EurasiaFLEX Twitter accounts to your posts


If you have any questions please write to flexalumni@americancouncils.org


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