FLEX Celebrates 20 Years in Ukraine20th Anniversary Celebration: On April 25, American Councils Ukraine celebrated the 20th anniversary of the FLEX program at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv with over 150 alumni in attendance.  FLEX and other U.S. government sponsored program alumni, Embassy representatives, USAID staff, and former and current Ministry of Education and Science officials attended the event.  U.S. Ambassador Tefft reflected on the impact the program has had on Ukraine and highlighted outstanding FLEX alumni. The event included filming interviews of FLEX alumni an exhibition of 15 projects initiated and carried out by alumni, and a presentation of the recently published book “Ukrainian Participants in U.S. Exchange Programs. Building a New Country: My Story” which documents the individual success stories of 90 U.S. government sponsored exchange program alumni. During the event, a group of disabled students from the Embassy’s English Access Microscholarship Program in Kyiv met with FLEX alumni and learned about the program as well.