602133_218928048231104_273206953_nSixty alumni attended the summer reunion at the U.S. Embassy datcha. The bi-annual reunion events offer alumni networking opportunities and give them the chance to learn about upcoming opportunities and projects.  This year’s event focused on American traditions.  U.S. Embassy staff members Steve Mackey and Irina Novikova treated alumni to donated American foods, such as marshmallows, Doritos, and Oreos and FLEX alumna KseniaSemyonova’02 provided Heinz products for the event.  American Councils staff members Mary Shea and Jason Jimenez-Bragdon held a master class on making guacamole, gazpacho, and salsa. Alumni participated in the FLEX T-shirt fashion show, highlighting the t-shirt designs through the 20 years of the program.  Alumni also participated in games and contests, with prizes donated from alumni and sponsors, including those from the Moscow Business School,  Academy of Rhetoric and Oratory Arts, Habibi Tea, the ICSS Publishing House, and the American Center. The event also included a performance by the Moscow-based band Huskey and a presentation by Elena Konkinaabout the work of and opportunities at EducationUSA, and a presentation by American Councils’ Nancy Kogin about the Field Screen Panelist job opening.