1426505_219150364875539_982945800_nOn September 27, FLEX alumni across Eurasia organized events to celebrate the FLEX program and thank those who support the program and help make it a success.  Alumni reported on organizing over 25 events in celebration of the day, including nearly 300 alumni at the events.  Many other alumni participated in the event online.  Each event was unique, but general activities that took part throughout the day included the following activities:  writing letters of thanks and appreciation to host families, placement organization representatives, U.S. high schools and teachers, and Senator Bill Bradley; FLEX t-shirt competitions where alumni modeled the FLEX t-shirt that they received during their program year and posted it on social media;  using the opportunity of FLEX Appreciation Day to make presentations about the program and promote it at schools in their home community;  creating promotional materials to increase recruitment efforts and distributing the materials to community members;  actively posting pictures and videos of alumni’s exchange memories and reconnecting with U.S. friends and family though social media; and holding alumni meetings to discuss upcoming events and assistance with FLEX recruitment.  During this first-ever FLEX Appreciation Day alumni pulled together to show their ongoing support of the program.

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