1005088_204576429666266_873855355_nAlumni from all FLEX countries applied to the two grants programs.  The FLEX Grants Program offers alumni groups the opportunity to apply for grants of up to $3,000 to conduct projects that meet the goals of the FLEX Alumni program and individual grants of up to $250 to conduct projects or to take part in professional development opportunities.  The GYSD Matching Grants Program offers alumni matching grants of up to $500 to hold community service projects that focus on highlighting the contributions of youth in the community and offering youth community service opportunities on GYSD weekend April 26-28, 2013.
The results of this year’s FLEX and GYSD Grant programs are as follows:

Grant Type Total Applications Total Awarded
FLEX Grants 81 41
GYSD Grants 32 28

American Councils staff members in Moscow, Russia and Washington, DC evaluated grants from both programs.  Results of the FLEX Alumni Grants program:  Of the 81 proposals from nine FLEX countries, 41 projects successfully secured funding for the 2013-14 grant year.  Project include youth leadership activities, educational events combined with themes like health or the environment,  and activities planned to reach out to under-served groups like orphans and disabled youth. Twenty-eight GYSD grants were awarded and the projects took place April 28-30 on GYSD weekend.