The FLEX program is pleased to announce the third place winner of the FLEX 20th Anniversary competition $20 Challenge Contest Nilufarkhon Akiljonova ’13 (Khujand, Tajikistan). Nilufarkhon organized the project below.

The World of Our Dreams
Nilufarkhon Akiljonova ’13 (Khujand, Tajikistan)

Childrens Drawing Contest $20 Challenge (small) Nilufar Akiljonova ’13 organized “The World of Our Dreams” project in Khujand, Tajikistan on August 30, 2013.  Thirty children between the ages of 5-16 took part in an interactive seminar on ways to protect the environment.  The children learned about regional and global environmental issues and solutions to these problems.  The children also took part in contests where they drew pictures of the world of their dreams with sidewalk chalk and discussed how they can make a change in their families and communities to protect and improve the environment.  The goal of this project was to educate and empower youth on the issue of the environment.

Childrens Drawing Contest $20 Challenge3